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CakePHP Websites

Cake PHP is a web application model that is written using PHP software scripting language.  At MagentoGems, we offer our clients a wide range of websites created using different frameworks like CakePHP, SVN and Guithub in order to develop standardised and free updates either via shared servers or emails.  Our Quality Assurance team goes through all of these frameworks, models and websites to ensure that they meet are the necessary requirements including carrying out black box and unit tests.

In addition, we use MVC patterns in web development to enable us reduce the probability of having to update the website in the near future.  The formula used during the design and development of a website encompasses the following:

  • Documentation of the website before its development
  • Adhering to the set PHP and MVC standards
  • Repository of SVN and Guithub
  • Standardisation of W3C standards for CSS and HTML
  • Use of AWS and CDN servers as per the clients preferences
  • Deploying a live server
  • Maintaining the servers


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