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You cannot define a correlation name ‘cat_table Magento

  Zahid Mughal   Oct 12, 2014   Blog   0 Comment

This is big issue when AW_BLOG extension used in Magento then such issue commonly came. We have resolved this issue and making the good contribution in providing the support to different online forums.

Well You need to follow some Debugging tricks to resolve this. First open browser and enable console view from Firebug or any other plugin which you are using. On which page you are facing issue, you will see there is 505 error in the console view. Click on the link and then open the HTML view within the console, here you can see Magento sent an issue regarding database.

Open your reporting from Website root/var/reports and see what is the actual issue, you will see there is an error regarding database table.
You cannot define a correlation name ‘cat_table

This is due to your some XML is calling a block two times. When you call a function two time it will at same instance then overriding will occur. Either you can resolve issue from to modify the function within the class or by doing simple method listed below:

If you are Developer then you can open XML’s => catalog and aw_blog and ajax which you are using, there will be a block which is defined two times. Remove once, you will got the solution. Otherwise you need to rename the XML one by one and see from which file issue resolve then open that xml and update according to your requirements.

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