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How to Protect and Remove Malware from WordPress ?

  Zahid Mughal   Jan 09, 2016   Blog   0 Comment

remove malwareRemove Malware from WordPress

WordPress is most popular Blogging platform which is available free of cost. Million of users are taking advantages by using WordPress from small to large scale application and online selling E-Commerce websites. Due to huge amount of user’s information including credit card etc. intruders and hackers continuously attack the WordPress to steal the as much information as they can.

Question: Whether it’s much easier to Hack / Attack or upload Malicious files in WordPress ?

Answers: The best answer is that, to protect your home from thieves and robbers, you always take some steps  so, everything remain safe. Same apply in Websites and Applications as well. You have really important information in website like Credit Cards information so, how you can protect your information and remain safe from Malware and Malicious files to be inserted into your website.

How you can protect your Website and Application from Malware ? 

To Protect your website from intruders and hackers which are the responsible of Malicious files and Malware, you need to follow the below instructions

  1. Always install your WordPress website to follow the web standards
  2. You Database & Username should be different
  3. Select different Prefix instead of default wp_
  4. Your Admin Panel username and Password should be strong. Avoid to use admin, administrator, website name etc.
  5. Use different theme name in your website instead of default WordPress themes such as twenty_thirteen, twenty_fourteen etc.
  6. Protect your files and folders using strong permissions such as Files-> 644 and Folders->755
  7. Disable Directory browsing from .htaccess at your server
  8. Your WordPress & Plugins versions should be UP-TO data
  9. Always use some different URL to access the Admin instead of WP-ADMIN etc.
  10. Always use Captcha on Admin Panel and User Registration pages
  11. Ask your developers to follow the WordPress coding standards and avoid to write database queries in plain PHP
  12. Restrict the developers to make any change in CORE files of WordPress & Plugins instead always develop small modules and put them as child theme. So, when you will upgrade the versions of Plugin & WorPress then your changes should’t be remove.
  13. In case your developer did some customization in CORE files of Plugins and WordPress then you should convert the customization into module as soon as possible
  14. Always take your database and files backups once in a week
  15. Always use some famous security plugins like WordFence and SUCURI
  16. Scan your website using PLUGINS or use SSH support, if you have no idea to use the SSH commands then i will recommend to HIRE some Developer
  17. Always HOST your website in Good hosting company
  18. I will recommend to use SSL in your website as Google also recommend

How to Remove Malware from WordPress ?

Well, if you have follow my above instructions then you will be secure above 90% but if your website is Hacked or Infected from Malware & Malicious scripts then you have to follow the below instructions to remove malware from website.

  1. Enable Maintenance mode so, users information should be protected such as credit card etc.
  2.  Scan your whole website using SSH and remove the malicious scripts first
  3. Scan the database and remove the Malicious code from database. Database Scan is also important because sometime intruders / hackers insert the Malicious codes into WordPress widgets and widgets always store into Database.
  4. Immediately change your cPanel / FTP / SSH / Database & Username / WordPress Admin Panel passwords
  5. After removing the Malicious code try to find the location from where the Hacker / Intruder use to get into your website, mostly such technique called penetration testing and better to HIRE some security expert to make complete penetration testing in your website
  6. After penetration testing results, hardened your website as soon as possible
  7. Disable Maintenance mode from the website

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