Decode ionCube PHP Scripts

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Product Description

From this product you can decode the ionCube encrypted PHP files as much as you want.  You can also decode the following Encrypted Scripts for PHP by using this product.

  1. IonCube Priv8 Decoder V1 + PHP Auto – Fixer Decoder
  2. Zend Optimizer Decoder
  3. PHPExpress Decoder
  4. Zend XCache Decoder
  5. PHP Encryptions Decode
  6. All UpToDate Decoder
  7. PHP Decode – eval / gzinflate / gzuncompress / base64_decode
  8. PHP Decode – str_rot13 / gzinflate / base64_decode
  9. PHP Decoder – eval / gzinflate / base64_decode
  10. PHP Decoder – eval / gzinflate / str_rot13 / str_replace / base64_decode / ionCube Loader
  11. PHP Decoder – eval / gzinflate / base64_decode
  12. Decode HEX, OCTAL String – …\x32\56\x121\x45\x67\x78\60…
  13. Decode FOPO v1.2 Script
  14. Decode BYTERUN Script
  15. Decode ZEURA.COM Script
  16. Decode PHPLockit v2.2 Script
  17. Decode CodeLock v2.7 Script
  18. Decode HTML ENTITIES Script – …یست…
  19. Decode ATOMIKU PHP Script
  20. Decode SourceCop v3.x PHP Script
  21. Decode PHP-CRYPT Script
  22. Decode TrueBug v1 Script
  23. Decode Pipsomania Script

How to use ?

  • Download product and unzip
  • Please the folder into C:\ Drive Like This C:\ioncube_priv8_decoder_v1
  • There will be Decode and Encode Folders
  • Place your all PHP Encrypted files in the “Encoded” folder.
  • Click “IonCube V8.2 Decoder.bat”.
  • Click “1” and ENTER.
  • All the files will be decode and you can find the desire files in DECODER folder


There is no limit to decode the files, you can decode as much files as you want in single software.


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