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WordPress Websites

WordPress is a free platform that offers blogging space and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.  Our MagentoGems team offers tools to develop and manage CMS and websites.  We employ very strict programming protocols to ensure that we offer our clients the best services in the industry.

MagentoGems also uses Guithub and SVN to develop daily updates to our clientele groups either via shared servers or e-mails.

Our well trained and experienced Quality Assured team ensures that there they have successfully completed testing both the units and the black box.  At that stage, we get in touch with our client to enlighten them on the success of the project.

MagentoGems uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and MVC (Model View Controller) to develop these websites as a way of reducing the necessity to have to keep on updating the website in the near future.  To make this possible, our team uses this development criterion:

  • Concise documentation before development
  • Adhering to the MVC, OOP and the PHP standards
  • GuitHub and SVN for repository purposes
  • W3C standards for CSS and HTML
  • AWS and CDN servers as preferred by the client
  • Deploying the live server
  • Maintaining the server


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